We are always interested in working with new writers from the United States. Working for us has multiple benefits including:

1. Freedom

You determine how many projects you take on. In addition, since you are a freelancer rather than an employee you can work for other companies while working with us.

2. Competitive Rates

Other companies are content paying you a pittance for your hard work. We provide competitive rates that are nearly unmatched by any other company in the industry.

It’s not uncommon for our writers to make 20 dollars per hour or more. Of course, how much you make depends entirely on how quickly you write high-quality content and how much work we have.

3. Quick Payment

As long as you make at least 20 dollars, we pay you every Sunday, no exceptions. We only pay via Paypal. If you don’t have an account, setting one up is quick and easy. You can deposit money from your Paypal account to your bank account without paying any fees.

4. Friendly, Supportive Community

I personally interact with the private community that we have set up. In addition, many other experienced writers are here to lend you a hand.

Application Process

Don’t fret. As long as you are a good writer who only submits high-quality work we will welcome you with open arms. The application process is simple. Here is how you apply: (we recommend opening links in new tabs to make things easier)

1. Sign up for an Account

Sign up for an account on our forum by clicking this link. It’s free and easy.

2. Click the “Apply” Section

This section is under the “Write Content for Writer Wolves” header.

Now click the “Apply” thread.

3. Send Me (Jake) a PM

Read the thread.

Click “Jake.” Click “Send PM” (located on the left sign under the picture of the wolf).

Include all of the required information and attach the required samples of your work.

The “Attach a file” option is below the textbox.

If you have any questions about this process, simply contact us.

4. Wait

I will send you a message within a few days or less telling you if you were accepted or not.

5. Start Writing

If you were accepted, congrats! Now you should see a new section under  the “Write Content for Writer Wolves” header. It’s called “Write Content.”

Click the “NOTIFY” button towards the right. It’s next to the “NEW TOPIC” button. Once you’ve clicked this you will be notified whenever a new thread is added.

A new thread is created whenever a client orders content.

For more information, please read the sticky thread called “New Writers, Read This First.” You MUST read this thread. It will teach you how to use our system. Don’t worry. It’s simple.

That’s it. I can’t wait to receive your great content. Be warned though. If you send poor content, unoriginal content, take too long, or break the rules of the forum you will be banned for life.

However, we very rarely have to ban people. As long as you give it your all, edit your work, and deliver quickly we can develop a great relationship. Happy writing. 🙂